What do you think of when I say “Transportation in Martinez”? That it is non-existent? Or, do you think Amtrak, BART, connector busses, ferries, bicycle routes, and an efficient transit hub? I think that Martinez has the opportunity to connect and expand our transportation infrastructure to level up our options.   

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is an agency that works to plan, fund, and implement innovative transit programs that strengthen our diverse communities and improve the lives of residents through reduction in harmful emissions, improved mobility, and a strengthened economy. CCTA is working with its consultants, local jurisdiction staff, and others to update the five subarea transportation action plans, which will ultimately lead to the update of the Countywide Transportation Plan. 

I envision a Martinez where all students have free public transportation to school (more cars off the road leads to fewer emissions and better traffic!) as well as convenient and affordable “last mile connections” to support folks to easily ride existing public transportation to work (Amtrak and BART). I see a bicycle-friendly network of roads and trails for local movement. And I see a pedestrian ferry that connects our stretch of the Carquinez Strait with San Francisco, Vallejo, and Oakland.